The company Medicalpoint is located in Athens, it is specialized on designing and manufacturing disposable products for one use. It is also provide products for personal hygiene. Medical point is acting on the medical business by specialized personnel in order to manufacture products of high standards and excellent quality.

Apart the manufacturing section Medicalpoint is dealing with imports and exports internationally.

The company affords employees which are involved in the medical business since 1984 and so far has gain excellent cooperation relations with the public governor hospitals, military hospitals, private clinics, universities, drugstores, pharmacies and also with home private pensions.

Medicalpoint is certified with ISO 9001:2000 as well as certification for the Good Disstribution Practice of Medical Devices according to the EN 46002/96 and Greek Government Decision 3/833/99. Furthermore the company's production is approved by the National Organization for Medicines and all products are CE marked.

Also there are several new products coming up soon with focal point on low cost and the usage of pioneer ecological materials.